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Oh Little Town of Burlington...

Burlington, Connecticut, a nice village, convenient to shopping and to Hartford, Rte 8 if you need to get to the NYC and yet totally private.  I have some town statistics for you with comparisons from 2005 to December of 2007.  This is the best time to buy a house especially in Burlington because of the inventory and interest rates.   What a difference two years makes?????

Single Family Sales for Burlington in December of 2007 were 16.  June of 2007 were the highest reports sales of 25 Single Family Properties.  December of 2005 reported 8 sales that month. 

The town has a lot of new construction so these next flow of numbers will demonstrate to you how it looks.

33.6% of the sales in Burlington last year were in the price range of $400,000 to $599,000

13.1% of the sales were in the price range of $600,000 to $999,000.  That is almost 1/2 of the town!

Inventory levels in December of 2005 were at 34 houses where December of 2007 were at 75.  Burlington does have a lot of new communities with a few spec houses that have been sitting for a  much longer time than the builders are used to.

The Median Sales price for December 2007 was 275,000 versus December of 2005 was $238,000.

Sale to List Price Ratio for December 2007 is 95.00% whereas in December of 2005 it was 94.75%.  Not too much difference.  The highest Ratio for the last two years was in June of 2007  which was 98.59%. 

Market time to get houses sold for December 2007 was 132 days.  December of 2005 was 115 days.  The lowest in the last 2 years was August of 2007 of 38 days.

So, sellers are getting antsy in Burlington and I would recommend that buyers take a look.  2008 will be the best year to ever buy a house because of this great cocktail mix. 

The photo is one of my listings in Highwood Crossing in Burlington that we orginally listed at $799,900 and we have reduced to $699,900.  Builder wants to sell!  We are doing Saturday and Sunday Open Houses to get it sold.  Needs 30 days to for completetion.  We are waiting for buyers choices before completetion.

I am offering to my buyers this year a fully paid home inspection upon signing for full representation.

This is a BUY!

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