Commercial Mortgages Under $350,000 No Appraisal Required, Quick Close

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Commercial Mortgages Under $350,000 No Appraisal Required, Quick Close!

Business Loan in Nashville, TN with No Appraisal



Just think you're a small business owner and you need financing to purchase a building. It's a fire sale on a piece of property you have been looking at for awhile now. Your Realtor is telling you there are already a few offers on the table. What's going to make your offer stand out from the rest? Commercial Loans usually take longer to close and require such large down-payments. It can take up to 30 days just to get your third party reports back, loan committees have to review your loan, and it still has to be underwritten.

Close in 90, 60,45 days? NO, Close in 30 or less!

What if I told you that you Commercial Mortgages Under $350,000 No Appraisal Required, Quick Close product was avaliable.  If you qualified for such a loan you could make a offer to close in 30 days or less. That right you could close on the property with as little as 10% down in 30days or less. How motivated do you think the seller would be to accept your contract. TM Holdings Group can structure such a deal for you.

Requirements for the Commercial Mortgages Under $350,000 No Appraisal Required, Quick Close

  • Two Years Tax Returns Business and Personal
  • Resume of all principle officers
  • Personal Financial Statement on all principle officers
  • Year To Date Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Current Bank Statement
  • Loan amount must be $350,000 or less

So if your in the market for Commercial Properties contact TM Holdings Group.  We can/will structure your deal for a Commercial Mortgage Under $350,000 No Appraisal Required, Quick Close.   


This loan is not limited to Nashville,TN. We can close this product anywhere in the U.S.

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Ronell D. Moore

Small Business Consultant



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