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Get Face-to-Face with Your Peers

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In our online world it’s so easy to forget the value of face-to-face interaction with other Realtors.

Being a Realtor is about being part of a larger group of fellow professionals.  Realtors work together to sell homes and it’s this form of cooperation that makes us unique.  Other professional's don’t have that day-to-day interaction with their peers as we do.  Buyers and sellers may be our clients and customers, but in order to do our job, we must work one on one with other Realtors.

In Real Estate, familiarity breeds success.  It is so much easier to do a deal with a Realtor that you have previously met through an association event or by attending a class together.  If you are taking all your continuing education courses online and never bother to attend Realtor events, you are missing out on making meaningful connections with your peers.

Our local and state associations provide a perfect place to meet fellow Realtors by serving on committees, taking association offered courses, attending trade shows, and participating in other Realtor events.  If you only take your CE courses online and never get involved, you are missing networking opportunities that will enhance your professional image.

Would you rather do a transaction with a fellow Realtor that you’ve met personally or someone who’ve only interacted by email or phone?   Even if you are your market’s top producer, take some time to interact with your peers.  You might learn something new.  You could make some new friends. Or you could enhance your image among your peers which will only serve to make you a better Realtor for your clients.