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I am totally putting off my workout this morning–Jillian Michaels, you will just have to wait.  And, I am blowing off my editorial calendar… again!  I hope you’ll indulge me while I reminisce about where my love for all things pretty and the likely start of my Staging career began.

I recently had the best time meeting with my friend and her sweet tweenage daughter.  My friend’s daughter has always had a great flair for fashion and decorating and was in the process of doing a makeover on her bedroom and just needed a little help to get her through the rest of the project.  Working with her was so fun and it brought back such memories of my own love for creating a room that I adored…

As a child, my bedroom was my first laboratory and oasis.  I was constantly rearranging–dragging my double bed, with a purple floral canopy (so dreamy!), across the cream colored shag wall-to-wall that my mother insisted we rake to keep it super shaggy.  I remember creating cozy little spots and nooks for myself all around my room to support my other love, reading.  But nothing stayed the same for too long.  There were just too many ways to change things around and I was so fickle–I am a Gemini after all.  My mother was so wonderful for letting me indulge this constant need in me to explore and discover my room in my own way.  Thanks, mom!  I realize that I am not nearly that supportive with my own son who seems to have my same proclivity to relocate his furniture every other day.

In 6th grade, when asked by a teacher to draw our dream bedroom, my friends drew rooms with hot tubs and zoos.  I drew my bedroom, exactly like it was, with one change.  My dream room had a chandelier where my own did not.  For anyone who knows me, I’m sure this makes perfect sense!  So funny how we carry things forward with us in our lives, isn’t it?

When I hit my teenage years, I was never one to have a poster on my walls…unless it was an art poster…Monet, of course…framed.  The one poster that I owned that wasn’t Monet, was of the band Tears For Fears (if you are under 40, google them!  if you are 40 something, remember “shout, shout, let it all out…”) but even those handsome mulleted men only had a home on my corkboard.  They were super cool, but not cool enough to scar my pale lavender walls with pin holes.  For my 16th birthday, I didn’t ask for a car, I asked for a roll top desk..unfinished…so I could paint it.  I loved that desk not only for its look, but for my ability to close it up and not have to be reminded of all of the hours that I toiled on homework.  And there began my love for closed, contained storage options…

Not long before I left for college, I remember my mother and I going shopping for new bedding for my room.  I found an amazing Benetton comforter in shades of pink, lavender, gray and white.  My mom still has it as a blanket for guests and I still love it to this day. It was the first bedding set that I chose for myself and it was a HUGE deal : )

My love affair with my bedroom continued through college.  As my friends were heading to fun places for Spring Break, I was going home to stencil my bedroom or paint my grandmother’s side tables to use in my room.  I never felt like I was missing out on anything by not heading south like everyone else.  I was making another transformation happen and I was in my happy place.  And, to this day, I still find joy in all things home and decor related.

Thank you to my fabulous friend for encouraging her wonderful, talented daughter–who reminds me so much of myself at her age–and for letting me relive a piece of my own childhood on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  And, thank you for indulging my meanderings!  XO

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Beverly Carlson
Carlson Properties 325-721-2429 - Abilene, TX
Abilene's Staging Realtor
Oh, bring on the walk down memory lane. I grew up in a small bedroom but the furniture got moved several times was always tweaking something.
Apr 02, 2013 03:31 PM
Lori Fischer - Fort Washington, PA

Hi Beverly,

Isn't that so fun to think about.  I never really thought that I was different from my others about my passion to make my room my retreat until I started Staging and realized that many people just don't think that much about their spaces.  


Apr 03, 2013 01:10 AM