Great Staging Tips To Set A Buyer’s Mood At Your Home For Sale

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Home Staging is the art of preparing your Northwest Arkansas home for sale before showing it to prospective buyers. The point of staging is to highlight the house's strengths and make it more appealing. With the right staging techniques, you can win buyers over the moment they step through the door.  Below are a few staging tips to help make your house irresistible to potential buyers.


Put Everything Away


he first step is to put away anything that is not essential. This will open up the house so that it appears more spacious. Even if you have to rent a storage unit, finding a new home for all of your family's projects and collections should clear some space and help buyers imagine their own belongings in your home for sale. Pay special attention to entryways and narrow hallways to improve your prospective buyer's sense of spaciousness.


Get Rid Of Clutter


Be sure to clear off the things that gather on kitchen counters and surfaces, such as old magazines and stacks of mail. Also, emptying out your closets of half of the things inside them will make them look much roomier. Use this time as an opportunity to thin the number of largely unused items that your family has collected over the years. And look on the bright side; moving into a new house will be much easier after you have donated your unneeded items to a charity.


Fresh Scents Make Sense


You would be surprised by how much the sense of smell comes into play when buyers are viewing a house. To avoid turning buyers off with pet or smoke odors, make sure you give each room a deep clean, including the air vents and carpeting. Just covering up stale odors with air fresheners won't do the job.


Let In The Light


Buyers are looking for spacious rooms with a lot of natural light, so make sure you open the blinds and turn on all the lights. If you have rooms that are a bit dark, you can add floor lamps to make them brighter or flowers to suggest sunlight.


Home staging can make a big difference in how potential buyers see your home for sale, so make sure you set the mood to make it as attractive as possible.

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Sabrina Solesbee
Solesbee Group - Laguna Beach, CA
Sabrina Solesbee

Staging makes such a difference! Clutter, smells and light are crucial details that can make or break the offer amount a seller receives!

Mar 19, 2013 11:02 AM
Kathy Streib
Cypress, TX
Home Stager/Redesign

Donna- like your new profile picture.  And youo're absolutely right about preparing your home for sale. 

Mar 19, 2013 01:11 PM