Record Breaking Temperature In South Lake Tahoe Make Investors Happy

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Record breaking temperatures in South Lake Tahoe made it easy for a trip to preview vacant lots under $100K for an investor seeking a second home in South Lake Tahoe.   It is not always the case when winter is still underway, to experience a record breaking temperatures of 67 degress in the beautiful location of South Lake Tahoe.  But this was the case last week on Friday.

I took to the road to preview a number of vacant lots under $100K that could be potential building spots for my investor who is seeking a lot for a second home in our unique area of South Lake Tahoe.  Driving from Bijou to the areas of Montgomery Estates, we located a number of potential building sites.  Most of them studded with grand pine trees, we learned the terrain plays a large part in our local TRPA building approvals.  TRPA is one of the governing agencies that promotes clean lake living, and they can be somewhat cumbersome,  but we appreciate their efforts to keep our South Lake Tahoe pristine.

 Bijou Vacant  Lot

One of those flat, buildable lots looked straight down to the amazing lake.  On this day of record breaking temperatures in South Lake Tahoe, it was an easy decision to  make my way just 5 blocks down to the beautiful clear waters of the lake.  Although the temperatures were high, the water temperature remains very cold and not ready for a plunge!  


South Lake Tahoe

It was a great day to venture out to preview vacant lots in South Lake Tahoe with the Record Breaking Temperatures!       

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