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Large US Farm Fined $2,000,000 for Blending & Mislabeling Honey

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Tin Roof Tea Honey  If you haven't read the previous blog about honey issues in our country, please do so.  Not
  long after publishing that blog, I heard on the news that a large farm distributor was facing
  charges of fraud by the Department of Justice for blending foreign honey with local honey
  and distributing it under a false label.  I have attached a link to the article.

  Not only are beekeepers facing environmental issues with beekeeping but they face 
  economic struggles with unethical distributors and hobby beekeepers who blend a cheap
  honey with a rare one and sell it as a more expensive one.  The consumer is not getting
  what they are paying for and the professional beekeeper cannot compete price wise.
  For instance, one of the rarest honeys Tin Roof Teas stock is Echinacea.  Only one
  beekeeper has been found whose bees pollinate a herbal farm who grows echinacea.
  Recently, I thought I had found another source but when I called the beekeeper it wasn't
  one source honey...it was infused.  He was perfectly honest and his label specifically says
  infused honey.  I'm sure it is a great honey but not the same as having the honey direct from the plant.  Look at the pollen laden sac in front of the legs...that's what you look for.
  Pollen Laden Bee

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