10 Reasons to Buy a New Build home and why in Colorado Springs?

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10 Reasons to Buy a New Build Home and why Colorado Springs?


Families are always looking for ways to save money in the home! With older homes, there are always projects to be completed and upgrades to be made trying to keep your home looking nice and energy efficient. As a New Build Home Specialist, I try to keep myself familiarized with new innovations in home building and energy efficient methods geared toward saving home owners money on a monthly basis. I tour new build locations all over Colorado Springs and surrounding areas so I know where and what builders have inventory so home buyers can quickly find what they are looking for in a home. But wait, if you want a customized home there are many homes still in the framing stage that can be fully customized with your specific upgrades or a home can be build from scratch. Build time ranges from about 120-180 days and some builders will guarantee the closing date.  There are at least 10 Reasons to buy a New Build Home over an older home and why in Colorado Springs?

Upgrades like: New Kitchens with an array of cabinet and counter choices, with or without back splash! Weather the stainless steel fixture look is more your taste or brushed rustic style, there is a style and home waiting for you!

New Kitchen and Energy Efficient AppliancesArray of Kitchen Cabinet Choice









Double Sink Bathroomsstucco Exterior and three car garage homes

                       10 Reasons to Buy A New Build Home and Why in Colorado Springs?

1. Warranties- Unlike older homes, New homes come with a builder warranty that covers workmanship, materials, structure and mechanical systems as well as manufactures warranties on carpeting, heating and coolings systems, roofing materials and appliances. If something needs repair or replacement in the first few years it's probably covered.

2. Energy Efficiency- New homes are built in compliance with new energy conscious building codes. Advanced heating and cooling systems, improved windows and insulation techniques reduce energy cost. New homes consume about half as much energy as a home built prior to 1980.

3. Safety Features-New homes are built in compliance with the latest mandated safety codes. Emergency egress, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, safety glass and superior wiring greatly reduce the chances of serious injury.

4. Low Maintenance Costs- Everything is new and probably under warranty! Up to date technology in construction using today's building materials require little maintenance and virtually no care for many years.

5. Simplified Financing-Most home builders have very experienced "preferred lenders" who make financing a breeze. Many times upgrades such as landscaping or even can be wrapped up and packaged into a single mortgage making qualifying for a loan and home appraisal a simple matter. It is not necessary to use a builders preferred lender but there are usually incentives like paid closing cost, Free refrigerators or even reduced or waived origination points for a loan.

6. Floor Plans--The sky is the limit--New Homes have improved room and "flow" designs to accommodate the way we live today. More windows, raised basement ceilings, more open space, closets and storage areas, numerous bathrooms and larger kitchens and garages help create a sanctuary for everyone in the family to enjoy.

7. Appreciation-Most real estate professionals tend to agree that the first seven to eight years in the life of a home are the years with the greatest appreciation. It is during this time that a home has the most appeal to those looking  for a used home. The demand for a "newer" home drives demand and results in higher values.

8. Modern Amenities- New Homes offer the latest technologies that will pamper you, save you time and even make you a better cook! All are designed to make life a little simpler and more enjoyable.

9. Availability-New homes are ready when you are;  Whether you need your new home today or months from now, builders in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas will have unsold inventory homes at various stages of completion to meet your needs. Average is 4-5 months build time, depending on the size and upgrades in the home.

10. Location- Developers and home builders choose up and coming areas. Community schools, infrastructure and services are more likely to be modern nad convenient. Neighborhood amenities such as parks, open space, walking trails, community recreation centers and swimming pools are more likely to be found in new home developments.

And there is more:

A. Incentives- Home builder incentives differ from one builder to the next and not all builders offer incentives. Incentives in the Colorado Springs area at select locations range from $2000-$12500 that can be used for paying off personal debt--(VA-loans for veterans) pay closing cost, install landscaping, purchase appliances and accessories! Ask for details.

Why Colorado Springs:

Voted one of the best cities to live in by CNN Money 2011 and one of Forges Magazines 2010 top p50 cities for Business and Careers, you can't go wrong. Not to mention that we have some of the most incredible views of Pikes Peak and near by ranges with Colorado Springs sitting at the base of such a beautiful mountain top like Pikes Peak. Don't forget that Colorado Springs has won the healthiest city awards for all its outside activities like hiking, biking, canoeing, snow boarding, skying and rock climbing, just to name a few.

So there you go: 10 Reasons to Buy a New Build Home and why Colorado Springs!

If you are interested in purchasing a new home and need helping finding the right location, views and home buyer incentives, please call me for a free Consultation and New Build Location tour! My home buyer services are FREE to you the home buyer but the knowledge and savings I provide for you are priceless!




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