How are You Prepping for the Market Shift? - An AR Challenge

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To be successful is a changing market you need to be able to reevaluate what you are currently doing on a regular basis and adapt to trends that you see as they present themselves. Research and education will be a driving force for our plan of attack in finding new stream sources that are reflective of the market we are in. Our ability to understand the needs of prospective buyers and sellers in the changing real estate environment will only help us position ourselves to anticipate the needs of future clients and not react to them. Change, as difficult as it may be sometimes, will continue to stimulate real estate professionals to find a better ways of doing business which will only benefit everyone in the long run.

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Probably the most eye-popping result of our Real Estate is Back survey was this sentiment right here: Last year, our members predicted that 1/3 of the markets in the country would see price declines. This year? Not a single market!  84% of you expect real estate values and the number of transactions will increase in 2013.

There is a shift happening and with that comes a new plan of attack on your real estate business. We want to know what you are doing to prepare for it.  Have you been working a buyer's market the last few years?  What are you planning to do differently to survive and thrive in the seller's market?  ActiveRain is the place to share your ideas and tried-and-true secrets with one another.  So, inspire someone and let us inside your world a bit.

We challenge you to write a post outlining your plan of attack.  Some things to consider and maybe answer in your post:

1.       How will this shift affect buyer agents vs seller agents?
2.       What marketing strategies will you need to change?
3.       What are you already experiencing that is causing you grief in your current efforts?
4.       What fears, if any, do you have about this change?
5.       What are the top three things a buyer's agent or seller's agent must do to be successful in the new market? 


You may be experiencing a seller's market in your area now. If that's the case, please participate in this challenge and let the others in on how to be most effective in their efforts.  Newer professionals will benefit from your expertise.

Don't think this is just for agents.  How will this new market affect home inspectors, loan officers, home stagers, and everyone else's real estate business?  

2,400 members can't be wrong, so it's time to look at this market change and really think about what you're going to do to prepare for the upcoming year.  Face any fears you have with your ActiveRain family to find solutions and get advice from those in these markets now.



Challenge Guidelines

Challenge ends Sunday, March 31st.
Write one post answering any and/or all the questions outlined above.
Leave a link to your post in the comment section below.
All participants will receive 500 points.



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