Menu Monday; La Fonda Restaurant & Tortilla Factory

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Today’s Menu Monday comes from La Fonda Restaurant & Tortilla Factory, located at 1095 South 3rd Avenue Yuma, Az.

Mr. & Mrs. Hurtado open and established La Fonda Restaurant & Tortilla Factory in 1940, originally as a tamale and tortilla factory. Later, after the passing of Mr. Hurtado, his wife Gloria went on to carry on the business and later sold it to Frank and Connie Ramos in 1982. Mr. Ramos, who worked for both Mr. & Mrs. Hurtado at the Tortilla Factory at the age of 14 went on to carry on the Hurtado Family tradition. Later expanding the restaurant and creating a much wider menu for the public to enjoy from their kitchen.

In the early 1970’s my mother used to buy her tortillas from Mr. Hurtado after shopping at Safeway, that was once located in front of his Tamale & Tortilla Factory. I can remember the fresh smell of thevhomemade tortillas being made from the parking lot of Safeway. Mr. Hurtado provided tortillas from his restaurant for those who wanted fresh, authentic tortillas that you couldn’t find in the grocery stores at that time.

The menu for today’s La Fonda Restaurant is fresh, tastes great, and is very inexpensive, while providing you a nice “como en casa” (at home) feel of a restaurant. Once you arrive, you will be greeted promptly by the hostess, and waited on by the wait staff, that are traditionally dressed in the 1940’s attire, of what would be found of the home makers of old Mexico at that time.

Your first impression of the menu comes by way of the warm tortilla chips and fresh salsa that is provided to you upon introduction by the waitress. That then leads me to take a quick glance around the menu, but I always land on the Sonora Rolled Taco combination. Sonora Rolled tacos are deep fried flour tortillas filled with either chicken or beef, then deep fried until the tortilla is golden brown. I always ask for the beef Sonora rolled tacos with one extra taco, because it only comes with two tacos on the menu. You then get your choice of either red or green sauce to cover them (I like the red), and they are finished with both cheddar and mozzarella cheese. The plate is rounded off with a side of beans and rice and a decorative salad.

The red sauce is spicy enough to give your tacos kick, but it’s the flakey tortilla that crumbles so gently with your fork, along with the cheese that blends so well with the red sauce that cover your taste buds with delight. The meat rolled into the Sonora tacos is very tasty and gives your pallet a nice meaty flavor to further enjoy your meal. The refried beans and the rice that share the tortilla cup, are later mixed together with my fork as to blend all that is good with my plate to become one bite with each taste. As a bonus, when you order from the lunch menu, you are provided with a choice of either Albodingas Soup or Tortilla Soup. Either of which are a great compliment to any of the meals on their lunch menu, but because I am biased, I prefer the Albondigas Soup, which is a Mexican rendition of meatball soup.

So there you have it my friends.  Until next Monday, enjoy the company you’re with, but best of all, enjoy a great meal!

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Mike Warren
Real Estate - Colorado Springs, CO

Sounds like a great place to visit. Have a great week!

Mar 25, 2013 07:37 PM
Ruben Hernandez
Caroline Auza Development - Yuma, AZ

Thank you Mike, I appreciate that. Enjoy your week/end!

Mar 26, 2013 04:55 AM