Facebook is Turning All Red... Marriage Equality

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Turning Facebook RED with Marriage Equality

OH MY... George H Tekei best known for his life long role with Star Trek writes today "For those friends wondering, this special "red" equality symbol signifies that marriage equality really is all about love. Thanks to the Human Rights Campaign for this effort. Please consider changing your profile today in support--esp if you are a straight ally.

It was not too long ago(1983)  that I as an student just out of collage began my career as an electrical engineer with Raytheon. Our country was in the middle of the cold war with the communists and my security clearance was a constant reminder of that I too had a secret that was to be protected. How things have changed!  Now that same company is a role model of diversity..... "As an integral part of our overall business model, Raytheon works to achieve an inclusive culture through a variety of channels. Inside our walls and out, we’re seeking, embracing and promoting diversity as a core company value.

Diversity is something that is often viewed in too narrow a scope. Some see it as little more than a legal agreement. To achieve our goal of inclusively, we must view it through a broader lens. The differences that define us as individuals go far beyond basic demographics like race, gender and age. Traits identified in our Diversity Wheel are all important pieces to the puzzle...." Read more here.

While our Realtor code of ethics demands non-discrimination in all our dealings toward matters of housing, how many professionals who work in real estate in one manner or another can truly say they embrace diversity, the good, the bad including yes... marriage equality?  If you do, please join me in downloading the Red Equality image and for a day adding it to your Facebook profile/page

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