A solution to the Top Producer Sync Problem with AT&T and Blackberry!

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After many hours online with AT&T and Top Producer there’s finally a solution for your sync problems.  

Much thanks goes to Top Producer for getting to the bottom of this problem and coming up with a solution with their AT&T Blackberry and the Top Producer Mobility product.

Apparently there were some server changes as a result of the acquisition of Cingular by AT&T that has caused this problem in the Northeast. Proof that the issue is on the carrier side, NOT TOP PRODUCER.

I tested this process and it works for me, so this may be a fix for you. There is one caveat that you must know. In the rare event that Top Producer changes their IP address in the future, you could have this problem again. This is a valid work around for now, and I have been assured that they are continuing to work with AT&T for a more permanent fix.

In the meantime, this is your fix!

  1. Ensure the Top Producer application is ’shutdown’ 
  2. Go to Options > Vaultus
  3. Expand ‘CLIENTSERVICE’ (click spacebar)
  4. Locate ‘AUTH_SERVER’
  5. Highlight and choose ’Edit…’ from the Menu
  6. Record the Value: wirelesssync.topproduceronline.com
  7. Replace the Value with:
  8. Choose ‘Save’ from the Menu
  9. Choose ‘Save’ again to exit the Vaultus settings
  10. Exit Options
  11. Turn your device off
  12. Remove and replace the battery from your device
  13. Open the TP application and you should be able to perform an FDR/Sync operation

As always, I welcome comments on your experience and offer my services to those in need of Top Producer Training or Productivity Solutions for Real Estate Agents. Check out my site at www.toptechacademy.com for more Solutions for real estate agents.

Comments (3)


Does this work for Verizon as well?

Jun 25, 2008 04:02 AM
Scott Saghirian www.toptechacademy.com

I am not sure it works on Verizon, and as far as I know the solution was only a workaround to an issue that was happening with Cingular/North East users. If you are having problems with Top Producer and your Blackberry with Verizon it may be un related. 

Jun 27, 2008 07:53 AM
Linda Davidson

Hey Nick,

Thanks for the info.  I was VERY disappointed that my Verizon Storm apparently is NOT compatible with Top Producer and being as I prefer a touch screen, do you have any recommendations?



Jan 14, 2009 05:17 PM