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Give back to the community.  That is 5 easy words.  Just find a way to give back in some way.  Please fasten your seat belts, this is about to be my Jerry McGuire moment.


I believe we need to give our time, attention, and resources to others.  If there is something you can do to help another, do it.  This accomplishes many things... you help another, you help your own inner Spirit, and without being vocal of your own accomplishments... people will automatically recognize you as a "good person".


I will not take it to a deeper level and talk about Karma or anything like that.  It is very simple, if you are in a position to help another or mankind in general... why wouldn't you do it?  Who knows, one day we will all be on the receiving end of it if we all live long enough and need assistance.


Today I was a courier for the Eye Bank of Oregon through the West Linn Lions Club International.  The Lions focus on Sight & Hearing.  Today I got "the call" as a courier.  They needed me to pick up some eyes in a cooler at the eye bank and rush them to the airport so they can fly to where doctors and patients are prepped and ready for surgery... they just need the missing parts.  The sad thing is that these eyes were in someone who was an organ donor just not very long ago.  Somebody just passed away because timing on these things are critical.  The upside of it all is that somebody else, someone living will have sight because of it.


I would recommned volunteering anyway you can and anyway you see fit.  I would also recommend that you consider being a donor... eyes, heart, liver, whatever... I'm pretty sure it will get better use from the living than the deceased. 


Let's try to make this already beautiful world and even better place.



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Gerard Gilbers
Higher Authority Markeing - Asheboro, NC
Your Marketing Master

This is a great service. I didn't know that this was done by "regular folks" and not a courier service.

Mar 26, 2013 03:33 PM
Quinton Beckham
Keller Williams - Charlottesville - Charlottesville, VA
Quinton Beckham - Charlottesville

Having worked in Organ Donation before moving into Real Estate, I completely agree. There are a thousand ways to give back to your community and if we each just tried to do one here, one there, we can make our community have a sense of just that - community. I think to be truly successful AND have a good name for yourself, this is an important part of how we conduct our business. Thank you for the reminder. 

Mar 26, 2013 07:55 PM
Joe Fustolo
Soldera Properties - West Linn, OR
Owner, Principal Broker, PDX Metro, Portland Orego

Being a courier is just one of the things the Lion's do.  I actually didn't get into it with business in mind, I got involved because my father in law was a member.  What I found out is that all the great events they are involved in share a certain amount of camaraderie, raises money for someone or some entity, and we as workers seem to gain the most that anyone.  It is very rewarding work.

Mar 27, 2013 12:42 AM