Don't mess with Texas!

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"Don't mess with Texas" is actually a phrase trademarked by the Texas Department of Transportation for an advertising campaign designed to reduce littering on Texas Highways.  I am using it in a slightly different manner!


Don't mess with Texas


First, I have to admit that I am not from Texas, nor have I ever lived there.  I know a few people who live there now and a few that were born there!  In a past life, as an over-the-road truck driver I criss-crossed the state many times north and south, east and west.  Driving across I-10 from the Louisiana border through El Paso to the New Mexico state line is over 1000 miles.  It's a big state and has a lot of people with big hearts,

My context is simply that Keller Williams International is headquartered in Texas, specifically in Austin, TX.  But, this isn't a beat on my chest, we're number one, better than your brokerage rant or sales solicitation.  It's just about family and how family treats family when the chips are down.  That's why we call our annual convention Family Reunion!

A part of Keller Williams is a charity called KW Cares! KW Cares is a 501(c) (3) public charity created to support Keller Williams Realty associates and their families with hardship as a result of a sudden emergency.  Other brokerages may have a similar charity, I don't know, I haven't checked!

The meat of why I am writing this post "Don't Mess With Texas" is that a recent event has occurred that affects every agent in Keller Williams newly opened office in Des Moines, IA.  Apparently, the largest brokerage in Des Moines, prior to  Keller Williams entry into the marketplace has taken offense to the new kid on the block and is running scared!  I will not mention their name here, but you can do a Google search to determine their name.  If you are an agent in Iowa then you already know who I am talking about.

This brokerage is refusing to may a "reasonable" co-op fee to any Keller Williams agent who writes a contract on one of their listings.  Instead they are offering a $1.00 (yes, one dollar) fee to Keller Williams agents only.  Other existing brokerages still get the MLS split offered.  Apparently the local MLS, state board and NAR are OK with this situation.  Game on!

As I implied before, Keller Williams operates as a family, and family sticks together!  Our headquarters is in Texas and you "Don't Mess With Texas!" When this was announced at our Family Reunion in February (in Dallas, TX by the way), a request was made to "help" these agents and the Keller Williams Family responded, BIG, like Texas!


Mo Anderson Des Moines


This past week, Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman of the Board for Keller Williams Realty, Inc delivered a check to the Des Moines Keller Williams Market Center in the amount of $107,040.  This amount represents contributions made by Keller Williams agents from across the country to help compensate the loss of commissions by the agents in the Keller Williams Des Moines office who continue to show and write contracts for properties when they know their commission will only be $1.00.  There will be more contributions to come!

Don't Mess With Texas" is a little cliched, but it's meaning can be taken to the heart, it's not personal - it's Family!

What would your brokerage do in a similar situation?



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Kathy Schowe
California Lifestyle Realty - La Quinta, CA
La Quinta, California 760-333-8886

Our Intero Brokerage puts integrity first and I know they would follow through.  As a former Texas resident and Texas Tech grad... I embrace the "Dont' Mess With Texas" motto!  Kathy

Mar 26, 2013 03:02 PM
Mickey Hayward
Sunset Properties, Hayward Realty - Onley, VA
Farm - Land - Home Sales & Commercial Real Estate

Steven - are there some code of ethics issues and/or some RESPA issues here?  Not sure about that since every state is different.  I'm sure Keller Williams can handle it though.  I like Texas and have thought strongly about moving there. 

Mar 26, 2013 11:05 PM
Kelle & Kevin Wirt
The Wirt Team - Horizon Realty - New Braunfels, TX
"There is a new Horizon in Hill Country RE!"

Wow, I am appaled at the actions of this "other" brokerage in Iowa, sounds illegal to me and at the very least highly unethical. I am a Texas REALTOR® and I assure you this would never fly in our fair city!


Mar 27, 2013 06:51 AM