Junction City VA Loan

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Junction City VA Loan

Many of us can't fully understand the great sacrifices that our veterans and active duty armed forces men and women deal with to serve our country.  They give up so much to ensure that we can live peacefully at home.  However, a lot of them never get the chance to have their very own home since they really are moving around so much or they just don't understand what great benefits are available to them as a result of their assistance to our country. The VA offers the  home loan program as one of the biggest advantages that our service can receive.

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Everyone one day dreams of owning a space they can call home, but possibly mortgage rates prevent them from looking for it or possibly fear of not having a down payment, or the additional costs of monthly mortgage insurance.  The VA has set up this program to offer active-duty and veterans with a place to call home, to make home owners. If you reside within the Fort Riley area, you could be eligible for the VA Loan program.

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Couple this incredible program with extremely low interest rates, a recovering housing market that is a homebuyer's dream come true and you'll see just how brilliant this is for our miltary members.

The VA home loan presents no down payment!  You do not need any extra cash for a down payment because the VA Loan is 100% financed.  Conventional Loans require a downpayment is quite steep and FHA loans require a down payment. of 3.5% however The VA Loan provides 100% financing which eliminates many people's excuses when shopping for houses!

Another benefit of the VA Home Loan is that you are no longer required to have PMI.  PMI is basically mortgage insurance, it makes sure the bank/lender will not lose everything should you fail to repay on your loan, But while using VA Loan the federal government absorbs this cost! NO PMI means lower monthly payments!

If you are in Junction City trying to buy a home and are active duty or non-active duty military; take a look at the VA Home Loan! We can assist you to find all the information you need including your BAH rates, Your COE or DD214 and can  in many other ways!

If you are looking for a Junction City VA Loan; Darren Copeland and Leader One Financial are standing by to help you, head on over to their Midwest VA Loans for further valuable information and you can follow us on Twitter.


Junction City VA Loan

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