Easter Wishes

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Easter Wishes

Since Easter is supposed to be a religious holiday, how did the Easter Bunny get involved? And since rabbits don't lay eggs, why does the bunny deliver eggs?

We were curious, so did some research.


The tradition of hiding and searching for Easter eggs is said to have begun in the Holy Roman Empire in the regions of Alsace and Rhineland. The first documentation dates from early in the 17th century, when a German newspaper wrote about the new tradition. About 200 years later someone came up with the idea of making the eggs of candy.


Some believe that the Easter Bunny was created in Germany as a counterpart to the Kris Kringle of Christmastime. Children would create nests from household items and the bunny, named "Osterhause," would fill them with colored eggs.


Why a bunny? Why eggs? Like so many of our celebrations and symbols, we must look to paganism.


The pagan symbol of fertility was the rabbit, and Spring is nature's season of nesting, of new birth, and of re-growth. Eggs, of course, are also a symbol of fertility. Since Easter really does herald in Springtime – the season of fertility - these were the logical symbols.


Whether your Easter celebration is religious or secular, I wish you a Happy Easter and a joyous Springtime.



Looking for different than eggs how about


 Easter Surf Fest



If you interested in a little Rock and Roll check out the King Center this weekend






If this season finds you longing for a "new nest," give me a call. I'll be happy to help you locate the Brevard County Real Estate that's just right for you.


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All of the holidays have such interesting and rich history. Easter particularlly was based off of Ostara in particular.

Mar 29, 2013 05:15 AM

Happy easter wishes

Oct 01, 2013 05:47 PM