Be honest about your website...

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Take an honest look at your website....and try to look at it from your prospects' point of view...

When evaluatiing the value and effectiveness of your website, ask yourself these questions:

1. What do my prospects really want?

2. What makes me stand out (and does it show on my website)?

3. Why would they choose me after visiting my site?

Here are some things to consider as you answer those questions...

~ Prospects want HELP with their upcoming transaction. They not only want to buy or sell a house, they want to do it with as little stress as possible, and they'd also like to do it the most financially beneficial way possible.

How can you help them with that? What can you offer them that will really help them? (And I do not mean your "record" or your credentials.)

~ EVERY AGENT OUT THERE has a "pretty" website that talks about how they are there for their clients, how top notch their service is, how hard they work for their clients...

BE DIFFERENT! If every other agent just has a pretty website that says those things...what can you do differntly so YOU get the prospect, not your competition?

~ If every agent out there has a site that TELLS prospects why they should choose should SHOW them why they should use you!


What am I getting at with all of this?

One thing, and it is RULE NUMBER 1 FOR ALL WEBSITES...but almost no one is doing it in real estate...


They came to you for real estate information...give it to them in spades. Give them all the information you wish they had anyway before they hire you (it'll make your job that much easier!) Give them all the information you can think of that will make their transaction easier, less stressful, more fun AND more lucrative!

A successful website that attracts and converts leads all boils down to that one thing: CONTENT!!

To make it easier to figure out how to use content on your site (and how to consistently follow up with more content with virtually NO EFFORT) download this FREE REPORT today!

Just click here for your free can literally change the course of your entire business!



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