The Beauty of Low Risk Trust Deed Loan Investments - 3.29.2013

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Trust deed loans provide a low risk investment opportunity.


There are many ways to invest in real estate. You may choose to purchase a fixer-upper and flip it for a profit. Another option is to buy commercial real estate or an apartment complex and collect monthly rent, as the property value increases. But for those that are looking for an investment that will require less of a time commitment, private lender trust deed loan programs are worth considering.

A buyer needs funding. If they need it fast or they aren’t able to qualify for a loan they can apply for a non-traditional bank loan with a private lender. That’s where the investment opportunity comes in. As an investor, you provide the money to fund the loan. The lender acts as an intermediary between the two parties, handling all aspects of the transaction, including overseeing the completion of the legal paperwork. While the loan is being paid off, the investors collect the monthly payments with an added percentage rate making a monthly profit for the term of the loan. The property’s deed of trust is the collateral of the loan. When funding a trust deed loan the investor’s money is secured by the property being purchased.

If you are interested in finding out more about this low risk investment opportunity contact Sacha Ferrandi or Pat Hook of Source Capital. They are happy to answer any questions you have. They can be reached at 858-705-6144 or toll free at 888-334-6636. You can also email Sacha at and Pat at

Whether you are looking to invest in a trust deed loan or apply for a real estate loan yourself, Source Capital can be a great resource for you! Source Capital Funding, Inc. is a direct, private hard money lender that provides hard money loans and trust deed investment options through Arizona and California. Source Capital lends in all major cities in Arizona, including Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler and Glendale and in California, including, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno, Oakland, Bakersfield and Riverside.

If you need a private hard money lender to fund your hard money loan or you want to work with Source Capital Funding as an investor to help supply loans, contact us at the numbers and email addresses listed above for Sacha and Pat. You can also email ususing this convenient online form.

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