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Potomac MD Homes For Sale Q & A: Pre-Listing Home Inspection

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A Pre-Listing Home Inspection?Potomac MD Homes For Sale Q & A: Pre-Listing Home Inspection

I have written about Pre-Listing Inspections before but lately I've received a few questions about the topic.

Q: What are the pros and cons of doing a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

A: This is a great question and one that requires some consideration. In theory, your home should be in good condition when you put it on the market. Buyers never like buying a perfect looking home only to find out it's crumbling behind the scenes. Following are a few pros and cons of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection:


1. No surpirises during the home inspection phase of the contract.

2. You know the problems, you fix the problems and now you have piece of mind and little to no repairs to make.

3. You can hire who you want to make the repairs on your time frame and budget vs. having to meet contract deadlines or having to use specific contractors per the buyers request. One side note, you should use licensed contractors for all work done in your home if possible. The buyers are going to ask for receipts.


1. Whatever is found on the report you now must disclose in the Maryland Property Disclosure form ie. radon, mold, structural, electrical. Even if you choose to make the repairs, you still must disclose these to a prospective buyer. For example if your inspection revealed that there is a leak in a bathroom sink or a problem with the water supply to a particular room and you fix it, you still have to disclose it.

2. Not all home inspectors will find the same issues at a house. 3 different inspectors will come up with 3 different lists. So, your inspector may be the most thorough and now you have to disclose things.

Good luck and as always please contact The Schuman Team if you have further questions or are considering selling your home this year!!!

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