URGENT, READ THIS NOW! - How To Establish How in Q2

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That's exactly it. We're distracted by the next ticking tock, notification beep, all caps whatever and cannot seem to find the snooze or "SHUT THE F#&% UP" button in our daily routine.

It's evident we live and die by our mobile devices - iPad, iPhone, iPaidTooMuchForThisDistraction

Rather than chasing the immediate carrot dangling in front of us, including (but not limited to) showing houses on command, answering every call (even when in the middle of something else), and/or clicking refresh on our e-mail until we're blue in the face, perhaps we should spend our time utilizing those wrinkles in our brain. Establish the HOW in whatever our business goal may be.

I suggest identifying an end-all goal for a specific time period. I frequenlty use End of Year or even End of Quarter milestones. Illustrate that accomplishment in its mature state. What exactly is it? What does it look like? Be specific. Write it down. Got it? Now work backwards.

Hint: Avoid terms like "marketing", "prospecting", or "business". These words are typically used very ambiguously and have no direct action associated with them. Write down specific measureable items that can be logged. Find patterns in your numbers and hold yourself accountable.

It's critical we spend our time developing and creating systems to yield the results we are looking for. If we try and micromanage or hand-carve every result we desire, we will be bummed out dudes (or dudettes).

Here's a personal challenge and one I will apply to myself:

Double your appointments and triple your production in Q2.

It's day 1: Unplug. Reset. Start fresh. Do something different.

Contact me if you're interested in a brushfire burning under your ass daily to ensure you obtain what you're after. You're in control.


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