Senior Citizens a New Market for Michigan Real Estate Investors

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Hello Fellow Investors,

  With the Michigan real estate market being as dismal as it is right now, believe it or not, I have some great news to pass on to you about a new program I recently became introduced to.  

If you've never been ahead of the curve before, I'm not kidding when I say you now have an opportunity to make that happen.  

If you're a realtor, or, investor who works the short sale market, or a wholesaler, or any number of other strategies, you're going to want to sit up and pay attention to what I have to tell you in this post.

We all have homeowners we've run across that there is just nothing we can do to help them out of their situation. They either have bad credit, lost job, can't get qualified....any number of reasons why we can't help them out. Especially seniors.  

How many of you have worked with seniors and have faced that dilema?  

Well, I want to tell you right now I have found a way to erase that problem here in Michigan in the current real estate market. Yes, it is legal. Actually, it is even backed by HUD and Fanny Mae so it's federally insured and it's available in all 50 states, not just Michigan.  

If you work with or know of anyone over the age of 62 years old, no matter how bad their credit is, I can help you put that senior into a home with built in equity, no out of pocket expenses or closing fees, and they'll NEVER have to make a house payment for as long as they live there.  

It has to be a single-family residence up to a four-unit dwelling. No mobile homes or co-ops.  

It's a win-win-win for everyone involved. It's an excellent strategy right now to seriously consider if you know of anyone 62 and older whose been renting, had a home and lost it in foreclosure, or has never owned a home before and would like to. Now they can.  

You can help them out and help yourself out at the same time.   Contrary to what you've heard or been reading about the real estate market in the Great Lakes State, all is not gloom and doom. There is a ray of sunshine on the horizon and I'll explain to you how everyone can benefit.  

Look for my next post and I'll tell you more about who is eligible and what the criteria is to make this happen.  

Have a Successful Week,

Glenn Clawson


         "The fellow who never makes a mistake takes his orders from one who does." - Earl Nightengale

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