Menu Monday; Lutes Casino

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Today’s Menu Monday comes from Lutes Casino, “Where the Elite Meet.” Lutes Casino is located at 221 South Main Street, Yuma, Az. 85364, Phone: 928-782-2192.

Lutes Casino was built in 1901 and originally a General Store with a hotel located on the second floor, and has always been a staple to down town Yuma, Az. Although there is no actual “casino” within Lutes Casino, back in their earlier days there was, but it was all done illegally. A trap door, found within the establishment, lead to a basement where the gambling took place. Today, the only gambling taking place is a lottery ticket, that you can buy from the cashier on your way out.

The décor within Lutes Casino is a reflection of years gone by. It’s almost like a living photo album of time. Some could say it’s like a museum within a restaurant, or is it a restaurant within a museum? The items on the menu aren’t what you would find in a typical menu, but don’t let that throw you off.

Everything on the menu is a hit, from the potato tacos, The Especial (world famous hot dog/cheeseburger combo), Tri tip quesadilla or even the Southwest Frilled Cheese with Ortega Chiles. Then you add ice cream for the kids and a full bar for the adults, along with a theme like no other, and you have Lutes Casino!

My item from the menu that I always order is one of their simplest, a double cheese burger and fries. What’s so great about a double cheese burger and fries from Lutes? Well, you first need to put things into prospective, in order to give it respect. Lutes was toasting their buns before it was cool, thus allowing all the flavors from the items from their grill to be absorbed into the taste within your hamburger patty. Call me crAZy, but I think they press the hamburger together as to infuse the toasted buns into the hamburger patties to allow the cheese to melt simply from the “will” of what is Lutes Casino.

They then wrap it in paper and deliver it to your table in a diner basket, where you get to top it off with the condiments of your choice. The patties just melt in your mouth and the toasted buns add a delicate crunch to your sample from the cheese burger to where you know that you’re taking a bite from history, because Lutes stays true to their menu, and all that is good!

There you have it my friends. Until next Monday, enjoy the company your with, but best of all, enjoy a great meal!

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