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Whether you are a buyer or a seller, learn what options you have from Bev West with MetroBrokers West Realty, an experienced real estate agent. Call Bev at (970) 631-7111 or visit<!--more-->

Interviewer: Welcome to MetroBrokers TV. Today in the studio we have Bev West with MetroBrokers West Realty. Welcome Bev.


Bev: Thank you Kari, it's great to be here today.


Interviewer: It's nice to have you, so what areas do you focus on?


Bev: Kari, we focus along the entire Front Range, but our main area is Northern Colorado and Northeastern Colorado, and we also help our clients and customers when they're relocating out of the State of Colorado to help them find a realtor in another area.


Interviewer: Great. So what value do you give to your buyers and sellers?


Bev: You know, for our sellers, we do a statistical pricing system that includes about four different ways that we come up with a price that we feel that, you know, we'll value their home at the right price to get it sold quickly, and in doing this, we average on about a 98% list to sale price ratio and also, this helps in the negotiating when we do get an offer on their house. The other thing, I am an accredited stager and I help our sellers stage their home and this also helps to get their home sold quickly, and by doing that, we average about a 90 days or less days on the market. For our buyers, we do an initial consultation with them, you know, go through a lot of questions so that we get an in-depth feel for what their expectations are.


We also, for our buyers, we do a listing alert, we set them up on that so that as soon as the home that comes on the market, we can give them an alert via their cell phone or email so that they're aware of what's coming on right away and, you know, for both the buyers and sellers, we are very proactive in our communication and we also explain to them the working relationships that they have available to them in working with their agent. This can be a buyer's agent, a seller's agent, transaction broker, or they can be a customer and we feel that, you know, it's very important that they understand those differences.


Interviewer: So, how long have you been in real estate and are you affiliated with any special groups?


Bev: You know, my husband and I work together as a team and we've both been in the business about 11 years, and we're both members of the National Association of Realtors, the Colorado Association of Realtors, plus the Greeley Board of Realtors, and I am currently the president of the Milliken Housing Authority.


Interviewer: Well, yeah, that's great. How can clients reach you?


Bev: The best way is my cell phone which is (970) 631-7111 and my email address is


Interviewer: Great. Well, Bev, thank you so much for joining us in the studio today.


Bev: Thank you very much Kari, it's been a pleasure to be here.


Interviewer: Thank you for watching


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