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Successful Open House

Real Estate Sales Representative with Keller Williams Consultants Realty

There is alot involved in hosting a successful open house.  A great deal of the work will be completed by your listing agent, or open house host.  Most good agents will have highlight sheets, and payment option sheets, or bring a lender with them to pre-qualify the buyers.  Agents will also promote the open house to Real estate groups, in the paper and possibly by flyers or post cards.

The seller plays a big role in a successful open house too.  Remember what made you buy the home or what you find appealing in homes that you look at? Try to showcase those featurs again. Condition is huge.  Does it LOOK well maintained, and cared for?  Some easy things to do is use scratch cover for woodwork that is dried out or scratched and dented.  It is amazing the difference it makes on kitchen and bathroom cabinets that have a natural wood finish.  Touch up paint in the high trafic areas, don't forget the ceilings.  A crisp white ceiling in a kitchen looks so much better and reflects so much more light than one that has been made dingy from cooking.

Make sure that floors are deep cleaned and carpet is properly stretched, where necessary.  Scour the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, make them shine.  The same goes for the windows.  Especially in the dreary months, you need all the natural light you can get.  Clear the counters in the kitchen and bathroom, making them look more like what you see in model homes.  Organize your closets and remove excess belongings.  If the closets are cluttered you send the message that there isn't enough storage in your home.

 Clean cold air returns and exhaust fans and change your furnace filter.  Make sure all lights function properly and all doors open and close completely.  Make sure that your front porch and entry area are clean and clutter free.  Don't load the house up with air fresheners.  Consumers think you are trying to cover something up.  If you do use some, use only one scent and use it sparingly.  Speaking of odors...... keep after any pets in the home.  Keep the food in an air tight container and clean after your pets daily.

Some personal safety tips for open houses are also important.  Remove ALL prescription drugs from your home prior to the open house.  Also remove any valuables that easily fit into pockets. Do not leave jewelry boxes out in plain sight, unless they are filled with costume jewlery that has little or no value. Remove or place in a locked safe, any firearms or weapons.  Remove valuable documents, or place in a safe.  This includes credit cards, identification, social security numbers, bank statements, bills or other financial statements.  Do not leave children's photos with identifying information on them either.

For more tips on preparing for a successful open house, visit www.DellaLambert.com, or call your local real estate professional.