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My name is Angela Miller; I am a realtor in Covington, Georgia.  I have been a realtor since 1994 and I again am reviewing myself and my business.  This year I have signed on to take a Leadership with East Metro Board of Realtors which will benefit me in my business. 

My first day of class was excited and informative.  The Past President Elect came and spoke to the class and gave us some insight on what to expect to get out of the class.  Which is the opportunity to serve on the different boards in the real estate industry?  To me this is what I have wanted to pursue since getting in this business. 

Also, to speak is the current President, who shared with us the feelings she had when she first found out about the leadership program and how she has gotten to where she is today. 

Before leaving that day Debbie Junkin the RCE Association Executive gave to us all a book written by Donna Cutting called "The celebrity experience" Insider Secret to Delivering Red-Carpet Customer Service.  Wow what an impact this has had on me, what a great tool to receive when reviewing yourself and your business.  I recommend this book to any and all business owners. 

Everyone loves to feel extremely special and this book demonstrates exactly how to change your mind set to help you do just that to customers, family, friends, relatives, etc.


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Donna Cutting


I just ran across your post. Thank you so very much for writing about my book. I am thrilled that you are finding it helpful in your real estate career. You made my day.


Donna Cutting, Author of The Celebrity Experience

Feb 07, 2008 03:56 AM
Angela Miller
Keller Williams Realty - Covington, GA


 Wow you are an amazing woman.  Thank you so very much for the comment.  I have shared this information with a few ladies in my leadership group and they were just as amazed as me  that you actually found me and then showed your red carpet service by sending sending to me the comment.  You really have changed my thought process and I will continue to implement this into my everyday life.

Thank you,

Angela Miller

Dedicated to Quality Service


Feb 14, 2008 01:19 PM