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5 Tips To Seling Your Home in Wyckoff NJ (Bergen County)

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Are You Thinking About Selling Your Home in Wyckoff NJ

Selling your home in Wyckoff NJ

Selling your Wyckoff Home Can Be A Very Challenging Decision, Who To Use? Should I Use A Friend or Family Member That is A Realtor Etc.

Well the one thing I can say about that is your better off not using a friend or family member because you can't "Fire" a friend or family member it may destroy your relationship, I know I have experienced this first hand, so here are my 5 tips to selling your home in Wyckoff NJ



Pick A Good Realtor

I know it sounds easy, but it is not, pick an agent who has a very strong online presence as that is the way that 90% of new home buyers find Real Estate these days, make sure they are very active online including the Social Networks, like Facebook, GOOGLE+ etc. and that they actual use email and have there own website as well.


Check Your Agents Ratios

Find out, out of all they homes they list how many they actually sell, so if an agent lists 10 homes a year out of that 10 do they sell 8, 9 or 10, the closing ration is what is important here as well. You just don't want the home to sit and you never hear back from that agent, I make it a point to call all my listing clients up at least once a week to touch base and let my clients know what is going on, that is the biggest complaint from sellers.


Curb Appeal, Signs etc.

Allow your agent to put a lawn sign, allow then to put on a lock box also just make the front of the home as tidy and as neat as possible during your marketing perido (which should be min. 6 months) allow your agent to do there job and market the home, make it as accessible as you possible can for those short notice showings, sometimes these are the buyer's that buy the home.


Open Houses

Open Houses may work sometimes and if your agent does not offer them to you, you should really re-think your choice for choosing this agent, I offer my clients 2 Open Houses per mo. and I usually try to handle as many by myself, sometimes I do have other agents sit them for me and the following day i call my client and let them know how the open house went as well.


Price, Price & Price!

Price the home right! yes I know sounds simple but many sellers get tied up on emotion when pricing a home, you have to look at the numbers and your chosen agent can help you with that, I usually price my homes very aggressively, Some home owners want to try pricing the home at a higher number for the first couple of weeks to test the waters that's OK, but your agent should have a plan of improving the rice of the home down the road if your not getting any traffic.

Well there are my quick 5 tips to selling a home quickly in Wyckoff NJ, if you have any other questions you can reach me at 973-846-0065 and also visit me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/defede