Smile, it's springtime. AND GET READY

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I truly love this time of year.  For years now, spring has meant getting my boat out from under wraps and loaded again with all of my safety gear and FISHING GEAR FOR THE BLACK ROSE!!!  It's exciting.  People are chomping at the bit to put fish in their freezer.  I'll never forget a phone call from 10 years ago, after one of my first charters.   "Rich, we have to go fishing again. We're all out of fish!" My customer from Plattsburgh said.  "What?!!!  You caught almost 100 fish last week. "  "Well, Rich, that's what happens when you have a fish fry for a whole neighborhood!"

Even in the fishing world, people need to plan ahead!  If you're a realtor, you know that people are going to start looking for houses in the spring.  They want to buy a house (or sell a house/buy a house) and get moved in before the fall school starts, so the kids don't have a school year interrupted.  We know this is going to happen.


So get ready!  Tell your sellers to clean up the yard, mulch the flowers, paint the walls, clean the house, put the extra stuff in storage or pack it well.  If they're going to be buying a house, get their finances in order now.  Talk with a loan officer (like me, ha) and get all of their paperwork in order.  It's nice to get everything in order.

I hate rushing around.  There are times that it's inevitable, but not for the big stuff.  

It's so much easier to smile when you're prepared.  And smiling is important.  Life is too short to get worried and smiling is contagious.  It really is. I'm going to be around all spring.  There's a phone in my pocket 24/7.  I'm ready.  Are you?

Last bit of advice for the spring...when you're wife says "any way you can get those branches off of the lawn?"...what she is really saying is "I"m not asking whether you think you should pick up those branches, I'M SAYING THAT I REALLY WANT YOU TO CLEAN THE WHOLE YARD!!!"  Women can be subtle like that.  But, don't miss the signs.

See you around, Smiling.



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