Time to Protest Your Katy Texas Property Taxes

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The time of year to protest your property taxes is upon us again. Remember, you should protest your property taxes every year whether or not your assessed value increases, decreases or stays the same. If you do not protest them every year, the taxing authority can raise your assessed value by up to 30% in a single year going back three years if you did not protest any of those three years and your value did not change. Why protest every year?...Even if your protest is unsuccessful, it counts as measure against a dramatic future increase.

You can protest your taxes online, in person or by hiring someone to do it for you. The people I suggest to do it for you this year are AppealPropertyTax.com. This company charges you 40% of the savings and only if they are successful in reducing your assessment. Other companies such as CutMyTaxes.com, charge up to 50% of the savings and even this is a pretty good deal. Don’t wait long; the deadline to protest is May 31.

If you plan to protest yourself, I am happy to provide comparable sales in your area to help you. Email me at rdr@daleross.com if you have any questions, comments or would like some help.

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