No Mind Reading Needed to Find the Right Home for Sale

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Cape Coral Real EstateIt was fascinating reading: especially if you currently have, or are looking for, a Cape Coral home for sale. The New York Times' headline was “After You Read the Listings, Your Agent Reads You.”

I thought that sounded sort of hokey -- especially since I'm one of the agents who is supposed to be doing the 'reading.'

I had to agree with one of the signs for reading a client's reaction to a given home for sale. If their “progress from the hall…through the living room…through the dining room…to the kitchen takes 30 to 45 seconds…that's not so good.” I began to think I must be one of the agents who is an expert at reading clients.

But then the article said, “If they linger for a long time in any one room, that's telling you that there is something about this room that's especially interesting to them.” I almost agreed with that, but sometimes a busy client lingers in a room because they have to answer their cell phone. Also, since finding the right
Cape Coral home for sale takes more than an hour or two, sometimes they linger because their feet need a rest.

I became more worried about alleged client-reading abilities when the article went into “pattern recognition” and “primary and recency effects.” Worse, they even started dealing with X's and Y's (“You may think you want X, but if you're shown Y, you may love Y…”).              

In the end, here's what I think actually matters.  It could be called my own "Two Step Method for Reading Clients":

Step One: Conversation -- discussing your goals. Identifying potential houses to view.

Step Two (this takes longer): Listening.   

That's it.  No headliner there.  Just good old fashioned customer service.  If you have your own Cape Coral home for sale or are looking for one, why not give me a call at 239-699-0142…today? We'll start with Step One and move forward from there!

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