How to Flip a Stubborn Seller

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After being denied a $1.3 million dollar listing, Ryan White had to press-on. As co-owner of The Guiltinan Group, a luxury real estate firm, he had other listings to focus on and not to mention a radio show to produce.  One month later, to his surprise, the owner of the $1.3M home walked into the recording studio where Ryan was preparing for his weekly radio show, with a signed contract in hand. Without even asking, Ryan got the $1.3M listing.

So, what had changed the seller’s mind about handing over his home to Ryan?

Once I laid my cards on the table, the seller had no reason not to give me the listing, said White. 

So, exactly what kind of hand was Ryan White holding? How did he flip the situation to his advantage and what offer did he make that the seller couldn’t refuse?

“After I noticed his home on the expired list I arranged a few meetings with the homeowner and went in under the pretense of inviting him onto the radio. I pitched it like, ‘I have something to offer you,’ not, ‘I have something to sell you’,” stated White.

But, why would a seller who had refused Ryan White’s business before now agree to come onto his radio show?

First, knowing that the seller happened to own a construction business, Ryan suggested that he come on his radio show to meet someone. That someone was the president of an asset management group which averages 50 renovations a month.

Seeing the relationship potential between owners of a construction and a renovation company, Ryan asked the $1.3M homeowner, “I’d like you to come on the air and meet someone who can give you 50 jobs a month. Is that something you’d be interested in?”

Without hesitation the homeowner agreed to speak on the radio and the day of the show, walked in the studio with the signed contract to Ryan’s new listing. So, how did Ryan White capture the $1.3 M listing that he was once refused?  Simple, he “overwhelmed the seller with value.” And used the strongest tool he had: his radio show.

After the radio show wrapped, Ryan inquired to his guest, “Is there anything else that I can do to help grow your business?” to which the seller responded,

“No, you’ve done more than enough. What can I do for your business?” This question marked the foundation for an everlasting referral source a triple win for all parties involved. Go Ryan.

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