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Services for Real Estate Pros with InTouchVideo

What do you use in your marketing or self promotion?

With Intouch Video, let us help you by using

  • Video eMail - UNLIMITED Contacts, 1300 + templates, (including branded real estate templates) 
  • Video Conferencing - 8 web cams at one time and up to 50 participants
  • Video Broadcasting - 5 web cams at one time and up to 100 participants

We are giving away an additional 30 days free for all agents that sign up in the month of April.

What does that mean to you? When you sign up for $15 a month, your next month is free. 

What more could you ask for, broken down that is $7.50 for the each month.

Go to www.intouchvideo.net, sign up today.

If you are not satisified with the product, you'll receive a full refund if you cancel within 30 days of original registration.


Sample video email

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inTouch Vidoe’s goal is to create and deploy a leading edge technology that has the power to transform the way consumers, businesses and organizations of all sizes communicate with their families, customers, clients, employees and members.

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