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Is Your Home Market Ready?

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It’s amazing how many homes are not in top condition for showings.  There is nothing more frustrating than showing a home that could have looked so much better if the owners had just taken the time to get it “market ready.”

Getting your home “market ready” not only increases the price you receive but shortens the time you will stay on the market.

Here are some guidelines for getting your home ready to sell.

  •  Remove clutter and clean and organize closets.  Rent a storage unit and box up non-seasonal clothing, excess furniture, and the normal stuff that sits in the bottom of your closets.  Make sure there is “nothing” on the floors of closets, clothes hangers are evenly spaced, and shelves are neat and organized.
  • Clean  the house or have it cleaned.  Clean bathrooms, floors, baseboards,  kitchens and windows.
  • Organize your kitchen.  There is never enough counter space so put away  non-essential items, hide the toaster, put the dishes away and organize your pantry.
  • Paint  and touch-up where needed.   Along the same lines – caulk trim  where it has become separated from the wall – particularly as you walk up stairs.  If the trim outside needs painting have it done.
  • Have the carpet cleaned if needed.
  • Replace burned out lights and make sure all lights work.
  • Change filters and clean return vents and air vents.
  • If you smoke - stop – it’s bad for your health and is a real turnoff to home-buyers.
  • Mulch the shrub beds and put out some flowers.  Give the house the best “curb appeal” possible.

If this sounds like a lot of work – you’re right – it is.  However these simple steps are inexpensive and will put thousands of dollars more in your pocket.

If you plan on selling give me a call @ 804-521-5601 and let me show you how to make your home “market ready.”  You will make more money and your home will sell quicker.

Roger Stensland
Keller Williams Realty Puget Sound - Maple Valley, WA
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Gary, the bad thing about smoking in a house with carpet and drapes is that you will have to change both out to get the "nasty" smoke smell out of the house.  We ex-smokers are bigger bigots against smoking than those who never smoked.  Before I started smoking, I did not mind those who smoked around me.  Now, either the chemicals in the cigarettes have changed or I am just more irritated by the smell.  I, personally, would not purchase a home that has been smoked in unless all of the fabric in the house were to be changed out.  Now, off of my soap box...It is amazing how much money can be lost just by not getting your home show-ready.  Take some time, clean and de-clutter in advance.  Only have your MLS pictures taken when the home is ready.  You will probably make more money on the sale of your home.

Apr 05, 2013 02:09 AM
Li Read
Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring) - Salt Spring Island, BC
Caring expertise...knowledge for you!

Says it all...each one of these are requirements for success in a transaction.

Apr 05, 2013 02:51 AM