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General Public

You have the ability to generate well qualified leads by positioning system in your marketing plan. Add the information to your ads, website, etc. Prospects may not call you, but maybe curious about what they qualify for and when they use the system you have access to their information and can make a valid decision on the quality of the prospect.

Home Builders

The system will allow you the opportunity to sell your services to builders. You have the ability to offer something different to builders and prospects while streamlining the sales process. You have increased your chances of builders wanting to work with you! This system may be the difference in landing these types of accounts. You will be able to acknowledge instantly the validity of the prospect, and the ability for an upsale!


You can approach relocation services, relocation departments and be able to land these types of accounts with the use of . These entities will be able to offer their employees the ability to know immediately how much equity they can cash out on their existing home, how much house they can afford to buy, what terms they are going to have, etc. you can offer this system to corporations benefits departments and have the company promote the site to their employees. The employees receive a gift (such as a laptop computer) as a benefit of the company when they close a loan through the system and you receive the leads of the employees using the system looking to purchase property.

Real Estate Investors Club

Now is possible to work with an investors club! Typically they consume a lot of time with questions and then they do not buy. Most of the questions are in the area of finance, this system will give them complete autonomy to answer those finance questions themselves, or you place them directly. Monitor and evaluate all pre-qualifications and follow-up on the one that you feel comfortable with.

Call me for more details about how you can position this tool to work for you!

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