Sell Your House Faster: 1 Brilliant Way to Do It

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Ok, I have shamelessly ripped off the concepts for blog today from my favorite marketer, Seth Godin, here but I hope that he will see if for the compliment that it truly is.  He writes:

“There are two kinds of users/creators/customers/pundits.

Some can’t understand why a product or service doesn’t catch on. They can prove that it’s better. They can quote specs and performance and utility. It’s obvious.

The other might be willing to look at the specs, but he really doesn’t understand them enough to care. All he knows is that the other choice is beautiful–it makes him feel good. He wants to use it.

Acura vs. Lexus, Dell vs. Apple, New Jersey vs. Bali…

You can have both specs and beauty, of course, but only if you work at it.”

after no offers for 7 months, this staged living room generated an offer in 16 days!



This is the essence of why you need to think differently about your house when you are getting ready to list it.  It doesn’t matter if your house has great features if it doesn’t speak to a buyer’s sense of beauty, aesthetics, lifestyle aspiration.  This is one of the reasons that unfurnished houses don’t sell as quickly as furnished houses.  They are one big set of specs with no wish fulfillment for the seller.  So, if you find yourself saying, “I can’t believe my house isn’t selling” or, “our neighborhood/town/school district real estate market is really slow”, you may want to re-evaluate how your house actually presents online and for in-person showings.

So, what do you think?  Have you created some beauty to go with your specs?   If you want to sell your house faster and happier, become a client so I can make your move a fun and successful one!


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