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Harris Real Estate University ReviewsWeare proud to present some of the many wonderful reviews by students who have used the knowledge they've learned at Harris Real Estate University to become more successful in real estate.

These reviews are the honest & unsolicited opinions of just a few of over 10,000 students from 7 difference countries currently enrolled in the University, but they represent the potential for success that can be achieved.

After watching these reviews, we hope you take the time to learn more about how Harris Real Estate University can benefit your real estate career, and how we can help your business reach it's true financial potential in any market conditions.


ReviewsFirst of all, let me tell you that this is the BEST year of my life for real estate sales. Last year I had a record year - over $300,000 in income, and this year I might double it. All of it had to do with the training that I got at Harris Real Estate University.

It all comes down to a couple of things: first, learning how to master short sales - the HREU Short Sale class is awesome. Number two is learning how to do REO's. I've now established relationships with 6 different REO companies and we're getting 3 to 4 REO's a week.

The 3rd part is the tech class: it's great! I launched my blog at MarkShandrow.com, and I'm getting over 3,000 unique visitors a month. It's important to build your business online, that's the way the real estate market is going - and I couldn't do this without Harris Real Estate University. Without him I'd probably be a barista at Starbucks - but I'm not. I'm in the real estate business and loving it. I dress casually now - instead of wearing suits all the time. I cannot recommend Harris Real Estate University enough!

  • Review by Mark Shandrow, Keller Williams Realty


ReviewsI want to do a quick thank you to Harris Real Estate University - to Tim & Julie and the whole crew there. It's been amazing! I've been a coaching student for just a short time, but my 2nd week as a student I took 3 new Short Sale listings, one of which was a million dollar listing.

In terms of "adding spokes to the wheels of your business", the BPO class has been amazing. You register with all these BPO companies & start getting orders, and one of the companies that I do BPO's for sent me an order last week for 11 BPO's.

The perfect thing about BPOs is that it totally transitions into my conversations with expired listing clients and for-sale-by-owner clients. It's 10-times more practical and usable information to be doing a BPO in the neighborhood near a for-sale-by-owner: it's just a perfect lead-in. It's allowed me to set many more appointments & take more listings, and all from free leads that have been generated.

In terms of the perspective on my business, it's been a great joy and an amazing time - I just can't wait at it in the morning. I'm working a lot fewer weekends, much fewer hours, and much more time with my family. It's just the entire package that's amazing.

  • Review by Kevin Hall, Prudential Jenson Real Estate, Boise


ReviewsI have been lucky enough to be a student of Harris Real Estate University now for several months. I have learned a great deal of information about Short Sales & Bank Owned Real Estate that will help me in my future endeavors in the real estate market.

I'm also enrolled in the technology course, where I'm learning how to make presentation videos, do blogging, and use google to it's fullest extent. I'm also lucky enough to listen to the SuperStar Interviews every week, and also talk with Tim and Julie Harris on a weekly basis. I would suggest that you have your people contact our people to join Harris Real Estate University, and we can all have a great career in Real Estate. You go Harris Real Estate University - You Rock!

  • Review by Ron Caudle, Scottsdale AZ, Coldwell Banker


ReviewsOver the years, I've come across an organization that really helped my real estate career a lot, and that organization is Harris Real Estate University. Julie and Tim Harris have really had a tremendous impact along with their organization in my life.

You see, they have an organization of coaches and mentors, with tricks of the trade and principles of success that they'll teach you on how to be truly successful - not only in real estate, but also in life. The things that I've learned as I was developing my business have really helped me in other areas, and as I've gone on to other ventures they've really had a tremendous impact on me.

Today I want to focus on how important it is to have a coach, a mentor, and a "spring of success principles", and somebody to guide you. Tim Harris is that coach in my life - he taught me the success principles that made me super-successful in real estate.

Harris Real Estate University and their coaches & teaching is truly phenomenal, and if you're in real estate you've simply GOT to be going there. They're teaching you about REO Secrets, how to do Short Sales, and how to take listings effectively. Even in these crazy times that we're in, where it's not that easy to make money, they are teaching you HOW to make money. I thoroughly endorse Harris Real Estate University, Tim Harris, their coaches, and the principles they teach.

  • Review by Lyndon Holdeman, Simplified Wealth.com


ReviewsWe finished up the Short Sale class and we're currently in the REO Class right now - we're true believers in Harris Real Estate University. We've taken 15 listings so far this year, and we count that all to the knowledge that Harris Real Estate University has given us. Of the 15 listings, we've closed 7, and we'll be getting 3 more this week - they're actually getting easier for us.

The shortest turnaround time on a short sale has been 39 days so far, and it's going really smoothly. We love the class - it's given us a lot more freedom & opportunity to get our lives in line, and we're making more money now than we thought we ever could. Thanks Tim & Julie!

  • Review by Kris & Kim Darney


ReviewsI've had my real estate practice for 23 years and I have seen a lot of different markets - some up, some down, and some flat: but this one has been the most challenging. With these challenges, I decided that I needed to revisit an area of real-estate that I once worked in, which is short sales - so I decided to enroll in a class at Harris Real Estate University to brush up on my skills.

Soon, I realized that there was a whole lot more going on out there than I thought I had needed to know, so signing up for that class has been absolutely excellent. With all that's going on in the market, I've also enrolled in the technology class. I'm not that tech savvy, so it was a good idea for me to do that. This class has been extremely helpful, because it's been showing me how to setup an internet presence as well as setup blogs on the internet for additional exposure.

If you know any realtors - or if you are a realtor - who might need an update on your knowledge so that you can adapt to these market changes, then I recommend very highly that you enroll in any Harris Real Estate University class.

  • Review by Sue Hudson, Maximum One Greater Atlanta


ReviewsI wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate the training I've received from Harris Real Estate University. I started training about 4 years ago when the market changed, and it really changed my life. Instead of being in a depressed situation because of the market, it helped me get myself together, get out there, and learn everything I could about Short Sales, and then went out and actually saved homes - I saved people from foreclosure! It's because of the information I learned from Harris Real Estate University that I was able to go to homeowners and help them avoid foreclosure - and in doing so, I created a reputation for being the go-to agent in the area for short sales.

It's because of the many short sale successes that I've had, Bank of America actually reached out to me and asked me to help them liquidate their short sales - so my business is booming, and I can only thank Tim & Julie, and the coaches at Harris Real Estate University. It's been very important that I continue to train with you over the last for years - the market changes so often, and you are always up to the minute on the latest information. Thanks again to everyone at Harris Real Estate University - I deeply appreciate it!

  • JJ Love, Remax Elite, Nashville


ReviewsIf you want to see your business explode in this down market - in this horrible market we're in right now - you need to visit Harris Real Estate University right now and talk to Tim & Julie Harris. They'll get you setup, and you can watch your business take off. As a matter of fact - it won't just take off; your business will explode!

  • Review by Chris Nelson, PalmBeachShortSales.com


ReviewsI just wanted to take a couple of minutes to talk about all the appreciation I have for Tim & Julie Harris and Harris Real Estate University. About 4 months ago I decided that I really wanted some help in Short Sales, and I enrolled in a class on short sales at Harris Real Estate University, and all I can say is, look at my results:

I have more business now, under contract, at this point in time, than I had and I closed in the entire 2 years before that as a real estate agent. More business now than in the 2 years before that! All I can say is that it came from what I learned in the Short Sale course at Harris Real Estate University. I'm just getting started so I'm going to continue improving from here, but Tim & Julie Harris, thank you so much for everything that you provided me, and if anybody gets a chance, enroll at Harris Real Estate University. You'll be glad you did.Review

  • Review by Rodney Forbes, Forbes Realty of South Florida

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