Considering a move to Central Texas? A few of my favorite things...

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Considering a move to Central Texas? A few of my favorite pieces of New Braunfels architecture.

            Central Texas is home to an amalgamation of cultural influences that all came together to create some of the most beautiful buildings around. One of the most unique cultural designs is the German Fachwerk, or half-timbering. This style can be seen in the the 2nd oldest house in New Braunfels which still stands with the original foot boarding and is available to rent. The other wonderful attraction to this rental property? It stands right next to Naegelin’s Bakery, another classic piece of New Braunfels, known as the “Oldest Bakery in Texas.”

 2nd Oldest House in New Braunfels

Some of the most readily observed traditions include the beautiful stone style homes that are a prominent feature of New Braunfels architecture, both past and present. The beautiful Comal County Courthouse was recently renovated and is almost identical to the Lee County Courthouse in Giddings.  It was recorded as a Texas Landmark in 1993. Perhaps the best fun fact is that every Christmas the Courthouse, as well as the rest of the Plaza, are lit with more than 100,000 Christmas lights. A true must-see experience! Other great pieces of New Braunfels architecture include the Faust Street Bridge (a beautiful walking bridge over the Guadalupe River)
the Brauntex Theater and the historic Faust Hotel. For more in-depth exploration of New Braunfels architecture see this article.

Want beautiful New Braunfels architecture of your own?

            Many builders in the New Braunfels area understand the importance of preserving New Braunfels wide and wonderful history through our historical architecture so many new homes are built in the same wonderful stone and Fachwerk styles. Building these modern homes in a classic style is a wonderful reflection of the modern and historic found in New Braunfels. If you learn more towards the historic than the modern, consider that there are a few original homes available in and around downtown New Braunfels. If you are just interested a short trip, I also know of many rental properties and apartments in this area. All this, of course, being one drop in the bucket of the reasons to consider the move to Central Texas in general and New Braunfels in particular. Next up…food!  

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