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Dorrington is a community at 5000 feet in the Sierra Nevada of California. Dorrington is composed of four parts: Big Trees Village Subdivision, Shoeshow Springs, Camp Connell and the Meadow surrounded by homes and the Dorrington Hotel and the Luberoom saloon.

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Dorrington, California is a truly special place. At 5,000 feet in elevation, the area boasts pristine landscapes year-round. The trees tower overhead and vigilantly stand sentry to this beautiful, one-of-a kind place. Dorrington offers adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to slip into the forest and explore its beauty. On the Dorrington meadow, you can easily spot the second largest sugar pine in the world. The old Dorrington Hotel stands a lonely vigil near the highway and serves as a reminder of the days when folks slowed down and took a moment to enjoy the beauty around them, instead of rushing on to the next destination. In the spring, the melody of dozens of brooks fed by the winter runoff flow through the subdivision, singing a lullaby to anyone willing to listen. The smell of pine heavily scents the air in early summer, and feels cool and clean as it guests up from the canyon. The StanislausRiver flows down the canyon, and those who know where to look can enjoy beautiful, unspoiled swimming holes or enjoy a picnic on the river’s edge on a sunny summer day.Many try kayaking or rafting in the class five rapids of sour Grass For the less adventurous, picnic tables, campgrounds, and well-established walking trails provide a great way to enjoy the river. Large slabs of limestone deposits near the river serve as tanning areas for local fauna In the winter, the road to Sourgrass and the Stanislaus River is a popular spot for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or anyone else looking for a “backcountry” adventure without having to head up to the higher elevations. In the winter, the area becomes a true winter wonderland. Snow dusts the trees and rooftops, a million diamonds sparkling in the moonlight. Explore Dorrington



This Dorrington residential community is tightly knit. Neighbors can be seen chatting it up with one another on the residential streets or strolling one of the trails into CalaverasBig Trees State Park, which is only a few miles down the road if you follow the highway. Deer and other wildlife are as present as the residents, and can often be seen just through the trees in the subdivision. On a typical weekday, the roads are generally quiet and tend to have more foot traffic than vehicular, as residents love to stroll around with their dogs. On the streets in the higher elevations, you can even catch a glimpse of the Dardanelles, or at the very least, a beautiful sunset over the river canyon. 

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Hi Daniel,

Dorrington CA sounds like a lovely are to visit or move to. I really like the picture you posted. The kayaking and rafting sounds like fun.

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