Planning for a Panic-Free ‘Relocating Moment’

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Relocating from our to Southwest FloridaMost everyone with any relocating experience should recognize ‘the moment.’

No matter how much advance thought and elbow grease you've put in, that’s the moving day moment when everything seems to starts happening at once and there’s literally no time left to attend to the stray details you've been meaning to take care of … 

It’s all but inevitable: the yellow pad that you've organized with all the Southwest Florida contact information you need today more than any other day: why, it’s packed! and sealed! inside one of the cartons that’s already out there in the van! 

When you’re relocating from (or to) Southwest Florida the unplanned will always happen. Nevertheless, you can control the areas that have the most impact on how successful your move will be. 

One element that needs careful attention is the people part. It’s too easy to lose touch with those who are important in your life, so decide early how to announce to family and friends your relocating timetable. With a little preparation and imagination, it’s possible to turn events like garage sales and going-away parties into really fun celebrations.  

A good idea is to assemble key belongings in a box that will accompany you: important documents like passports and birth certificates, jewelry, or other prized possessions.

Most household moving veterans agree that the single most vital step is securing a dependable moving company. Price is important — but so is hiring a group that will guard your belongings safely during your Southwest Florida relocation. Scrupulous interviewing and checking out the reputation of mover candidates will more than pay off in reduced stress come moving day. And even if you are an eternal optimist, get adequate insurance: relocating does inevitably involve unforeseeable risk.

‘The moment’ when you're relocating is in full swing can be one when you are able to enjoy the anticipation of a new and exciting chapter in your household’s history. If you have sold your home already – congrats! And if you are just beginning the process, do give me a call — I'd love to put my resources to work for you!  Hope to see you in sunny Southwest Florida. If I as a Cape Coral and Fort Myers area Realtor can answer any of your questions please  

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Mary Elizabeth Allen
Lake Monticello, VA

Lilo, this is a great post. I love the idea of the "take-with-you" box - much easier to throw everything in there as you pack than to try to remember what you need on the Big Day! Suggested. 

Apr 11, 2013 12:53 AM