When is the right time to contact a real estate attorney?

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So you want to buy or sell a home.  When should you contact an attorney?  The answer may suprise you.  It is never too early to call.  Whether buying or selling, you should contact an attorney who concentrates in real estate before you enter into a purchase and sales agreement or, if your selling, even accept an offer.

Sellers, did you know that an offer you accept may be a binding contract that requires you to sell your home according to the terms of the offer even if you have not signed a purchase and sales agreement?  Well that could be the case.

For buyers, an attorney who concentrates on real estate closings can be a great resource.  Even to the point of refer$ing you to a Realtor or a loan officer.  Think about it for an attorney who concentrates in real estate closings knows the Realtors and loan officers who will treat you right.

As an example, I often will draft or review a purchase and sales agreement for no charge if I am going to be the closing attorney.  Also, if an issue arises regarding inspections, or any other issue involving your purchase or sale, wouldnt it be a benefit to have a knowledgeable professional to answer your questions? 

If you are thinking o about selling or buying give me or another real estate attorney a call, you will be suprised at how much more relaxed you will be during the process.

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