Fort Worth, TX Real Estate Market

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Fort Worth, TX Real Estate Market

If you’re reading this, you might be wondering what is going on with the current real estate market in Fort Worth, TX. Maybe you’re considering selling your home and want to know how your value has been affected, or perhaps you’re on the fence about buying a new home. The market has changed dramatically in the past six months. Whereas before it was a buyer’s market with plenty of options and time to make decisions, it has shifted to a seller’s market. Demand for homes is exceeding the available supply. We are seeing situations in which homes that are in good condition, staged to sell, and priced appropriately are selling within days and often times with multiple offers. How’s that for a change from 2010?!

If you’re a seller in Fort Worth, TX, the key is to present your home in its best possible light. Organize, discard clutter, and clean, clean, clean! You know what it’s like when you walk into a model home? It appeals to your five senses. Try to emulate this with your own home. Contact a professional realtor for a price assessment and price it within a realistic range. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. Would you buy your own home? Is it worth what you’re asking? If you’ve taken the proper steps, there is a strong chance that your home will sell.


 If you’re a buyer in Fort Worth, TX, be aware that you can no longer wait for days or weeks to make an offer on a home you’re interested in. It will be gone! The home you looked at yesterday is a home another buyer saw the day before and has already made a decision on. As a buyer in the current market, you have to be aware of what is going on around you, acknowledge the right home that comes along, and be ready to pounce fast – like a lion stalking its prey!


One of the key components to having success in today’s Fort Worth, TX real estate market is working alongside a professional, knowledgeable realtor who can help navigate you through these obstacles. Buying a home should be fun and easy with the right person, and selling a home should be less stressful when you’re being given expert advice. If you’re considering buying or selling a Fort Worth, TX home, now is the time to act before prices and interest rates continue to rise. Don’t hesitate to contact me for help, and together we will achieve your goals!




Megan Phelps
RE/MAX Heritage


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