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Whether you’re a small, midrange, or larger real estate firm, it’s likely that one of the top 3 items on your business wish list is more business.  So how can your CRM help you accomplish this?  


The good news is that the internet makes it easier than ever to pinpoint and market to prospects online.  However, you don’t want to undertake online email marketing as an isolated exercise.  To be effective and efficient you’ll need to make sure that your email marketing efforts are integrated with your CRM system.  Why is this important?  Well if your CRM system is where your store your data on your customers and prospects, then you should have as much information on your marketing promotions as you can, and simply sending out mass emails from your Outlook or Gmail won’t give you some key data that you need to succeed.


For example, let’s say you want to send out an email to offer an introductory promotion on your services.  Who do you send this to – every contact, or just a subset?  If you send the promotion to a subset of your prospects, which subset should you send it to?  Once you send out the promotion, how do you know how many recipients actually received the email (i.e. didn’t end up in spam filters), and/or how many recipients opened the email?  A few months after sending the promotional email, how will you know if you got any business from the promotion?  When you send an email blast from Outlook or Gmail, it’s likely that you won’t be able to easily find the answers to these questions. 


However, when you use email marketing in conjunction with a CRM system it’s likely that you can easily get the answers to these questions and more.  With all your information in one place, it makes it easier to see where there are gaps in your process, so you can quickly make adjustments where required.  When a CRM system has native email marketing functionality, or is integrated with an email marketing system, you can easily -- create the message, compile target lists, send out an email blast, view responses, track sales progress, and record successful closed business. 


In case you weren’t aware, you can send out mass email from Insightly using our integration with MailChimp.  If you’re not familiar with MailChimp it’s well worth checking out.  You can import contacts to Insightly from your MailChimp account, and export Contacts from Insightly to any of your MailChimp Lists.



Still not convinced you need a CRM?  Maybe this post from Geekless Tech will help:  Five Signs you Need a CRM.  In addition, if you're looking for other free or low cost tools to assist your business, here’s a nice piece from Small Business Trends:  6 Low Cost Online Management Tools for your Small Business.



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I wonder how I can sync 5 computers that use outlook as a CRM

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