Menu Monday; Stans Market Place Yuma, Az.

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Today’s Menu Monday comes from Stan’s Market Place, located at 1920 South 1st Avenue Yuma, Az. 85364; (928) 783-2526.

Stan’s Market Place is a neighborhood grocery store, laundry mat and a quick bite for Mexican food all under one roof. What I love about Stan’s Market Place is that it reminds me of the “tienditas” found in Mexico within the neighborhoods. Where you could just walk a few houses down to a home that has converted its front living room into a store, and buy miscellaneous items people are looking for, without going to the large markets found on the commercialized roadways.

Until recent, you could purchase soap, do a load of laundry and purchase a breakfast burrito all within Stan’s Market Place. They have recently closed and remodeled what was the laundry mat, but you can still buy soap and get a breakfast burrito from Joan Rodriguez and her family.

The entire burrito menu is good, but the one that satisfies me for the rest of the day is the chorizo, egg and extra cheese burrito. These burritos are LARGE, and VERY filling, so eating one for me cancels out any other meals for that day.

My satisfaction for this burrito comes from the blended mix of egg to chorizo. I don’t like more egg then chorizo in my chorizo and egg burritos, and this burrito meets the expectation in providing enough meat with flirtatious amounts of egg and then melting amount of cheese that blend so perfectly within the fresh warm tortilla. Then I pour hot sauce that they provide to you from Stan’s, over each area I am preparing to bite into so that the robust flavors within the hot sauce spice up the pleasantries from within my burrito.

So if you ever want to make people smile at your office, show up with breakfast burritos from Stan’s Market Place and you can easily cut them in half and feed your office and staff for the rest of the day.

There you have it my friends. Until next Monday, enjoy the company your with, but best of all, enjoy a great meal!

Welcome Home Yuma!

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