Another Short Sale training? Are you kidding me?

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 Another Short Sale training? Are you kidding me?

Yes, that right! We as realtors are consistently bombarded with training after training people want us to take and tell us it’s the best thing that is out there. Recently I decided to release my short sale training to the realtor community, and I am not going to tell you it will magically give you business overnight, but I would like to share with you the story behind it.

I have been involved in over 500 plus short sales, and I feel everyone’s pain and frustration when it comes to doing these transactions, that is why I decided to do a short sale training program to help my fellow agents in the field.

Recent interview with Allan Seelenbinder President of Portfolio Retention/Strategic Alliance for Bank of America

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About two years ago leadership at my company, Long and Foster,  came to me and asked if I would put together training for our agents that focused on how to actually negotiate the short sale, and provide training from real world experience. We came up with our own certification and training program that is extremely in-depth.

If you already have expereince with short sales, and do not feel you need additional training you can join as a member and get access to our ongoing "advanced" training, exclusive interviews with the servicers and investors as well as ongoing marketing tips on how to get more short sale listings.

We named it SSC (Short Sale Campus Certified) and put together 8 hours of training with over a 100 page manual. You can check it out here at

Along with Gee Dunsten, the former CRS national president, we created this training just to train agents in our company, with no plans to every release it outside of our company. It quickly became one of the most successful training programs at Long and Foster.

As a result we decided to film this training and give it out to everyone in the real estate field to help you close short sales.

 I am not going to promise you I have the secret “sauce” or that by taking my training you are going to do an extra gazillion deals-but what I can tell you is that I close over 100 short sales a year and I have a system that has worked for myself and everyone that I have trained.

At the time of writing this we have training over 5000 agents on this subject across the country.

I know that short sales can be tough, and most agents look at it as a waste of time, but by utilizing short sales it has helped me grow my business in less than five years from a rookie agent to a top regional producer.

Think about it: We are in a referral business; by stopping someone’s home from foreclosure you can essentially create a referral stream for life! You have a positive impact on their life that represents way more than just a transaction.

As a result of our training we have had the pleasure to work with the US Treasury and all the major servicers and lenders to not just give training but to also keep you updated. We have interviews and webinars with Presidents and Vice Presidents at the major servicers and investors, that are exclusive to our site.

We consistently film advanced training and work with the major servicers and investors so that when a change or process happens we inform you right away.

I am in the field full time like most of you who are probably reading this, and I did this not as an avenue to make money, but to share what knowledge I have to help those who are in the field like me fighting the battle every day.

We kept the cost down, but did not go “low budget” on the production, we shot it and had it professionally edited in 1080HD so it would stream and look good on mobile devices.

Okay, enough of my commercial, you can check it out the information for the training at


Picture from a recent SSC live class in Baltimore


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