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I very seldom have opinions on political events of any kind. In the wake of the Boston Terrorist Attack it is somewhat disheartening on how our Senate is dealing with a letter supposedly mailed with traces of ricin. The letter discovered at a private sorting facility (I need to get one of those) is used to check mail for our lawmakers was found to be positive by an inconclusive field test for racin.


Our troops face situations far worse than anything found in a private mail sorting facility. It is about time that our lawmakers realize that there is little difference in the term ‘service’ to ones country. It is about time that these folks understand that they have a job to do and thats why their constituents sent them to Washington to begin with. If they feel uncomfortable, they should get out! Our country deserves a better public display of our elected officials!


Considering our founding past one can only wonder whether Paul Revere was ever alerted to the dangers he faced by his private mail sorting facility.

Can we please put people here that can actually do the job regardless of party!

Berni Kerr
Retired - Mortgage Professional. - Port Dover, ON
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Pamela,   Good Post!  I never thought of it that way, but what makes them so special in Washington?  Imagine if you wrote a letter to your representative, and it gets screened to see if it is safe before reaching it's destination.  Hmm who screens our mail?

Apr 16, 2013 11:48 AM
Pamela Brawer
Brawer & Associates Real Estate, Inc. - Boca Raton, FL

The sequestered mail facility that went to great lenghts so that congress can understand their worth. Its the timing that is upsetting.

Apr 16, 2013 11:54 AM