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Just How Do We Earn Our Keep?

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I read with great interest other folks' postings on what they do to earn their keep. Following is Part 1 of what I do for my clients. Hey, it's why we get the big bucks ;)

This complete list was originally published by the Orlando Regional Realtor Association 

Pre-Listing Work

1. Make appointment with seller for listing presentation.

2. Send seller a written or e-mail confirmation of listing appointment and call to confirm.

3. Review pre-appointment questions.

4. Research all comparable currently listed properties.

5. Research sales activity for past 18 months from MLS and public records databases.

6. Research "Average Days on Market" for this type of property,  price range and location.

7. Download and review property tax roll information.

8. Prepare "Comparable Market Analysis" (CMA) to establish fair market value.

9. Obtain copy of subdivision plat/complex lay-out.

10. Research property's ownership and deed type.

11. Research property's public record information for lot size and dimensions.

12. Research and verify legal description.

13. Research property's land use coding and deed restrictions.

14. Research property's current use and zoning.

15. Verify legal names of owner(s) in county's public property records.

16. Prepare listing presentation package with above materials.

17. Perform exterior "Curb Appeal Assessment" of subject property.

18. Compile and assemble formal file on property.

19. Confirm current public schools and explain impact of schools on market value.

20. Review listing appointment checklist to ensure that all steps and actions have been completed.

Dusty Irving
My Texas Home Real Estate - Fort Worth, TX
We do a lot work and research. Most of the time buyesr or sellers do not have a clue of the value we bring to the market place. We need to communicate to our clients more of the things we do for them.
Jan 20, 2007 08:06 PM