When is Dogwood Winter in the Murphy NC mountains?

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Dogwood Winter in Murphy NCWhen is Dogwood Winter in Murphy, NC?   Old-timers in the Appalachians know there are several named "winters" following the officially arrival of spring and Dogwood Winter and Blackberry Winter are perhaps the best known.


It’s a term used by Southerners to describe a period of cold weather that coincides with the blooming of the local dogwoods and blackberries, usually occurring in the mid April to May months. The dogwoods are all bloomed out and the blackberries are soon to follow.


With the possibility of frost happening during Dogwood and Blackberry winters, many Southerners here in Murphy, NC wait until after these winters have passed to plant tender vegetables and annuals. The Native Americans also watched for the dogwood blooms as the sign to begin planting corn and other crops.


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