Ronnie’s Jewelers Extends Gold Bullion Buying Program To Highland, MI

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THE NEW YORK TIMES - ran an article this morning about the mortgage assistance program. A lot of these checks are bouncing which is terrible news. You can read about it in todays edition online right here....


Here is a news item about a cash loan program for over extended home owners -- and its from a jewelry store.


Ronnie’s Jewelers Extends Gold Bullion Buying Program To Highland, Michigan


Highland, Michigan - The best time to make those needy home renovations is right now. The spring weather brings cool temperatures and makes for great working conditions. There are many ways to spruce up the home after a long winter including fixing the roof, installing gutters, waterproofing the basement, and installing new bay windows. Some home owners want to fix and flip properties while others just want to improve the home. This sort of thing takes money and plenty of it. For over extended home owners this can be somewhat of a problem. Now there is a local jewelry store that is offering its unique services as a lender.

The cash loan program at Ronnie’s Jewelry and Loans is designed to get home owners the cash needed to make vital improvements. This Waterford, Michigan based jewelry store takes the action of a bank and lends out cash loans to its customers. The participant simply has to provide precious stones, precious metals such as gold coins or gold bullion and then that person is eligible for a cash loan. The whole process is actually very quick. This enables the borrower to keep the asset without selling it altogether like in a typical gold buying program.

Giving the borrower the ability to hold onto the precious asset without selling it is the beauty of this program. The turn around time is in the same day. The participant can get appraised in one visit and get the much needed cash for home repair and remodeling. The cash loans aren’t just limited to those who need it for home repair. In fact, the participant can use that money for just about anything including student tuition, doctor bills or even pharmacy prescriptions. The whole process is very discreet and there is no need for the participant to feel embarrassed.

Often times home owners can get over extended in credit and have no other option but to pawn off an extra gold watch, silver flatware or anything of value. Instead of flat out selling that item that person can come into the store and get a much needed cash loan for instant funding and relief. The program is new to Highland, Michigan and it has been receiving a lot of attention on the web. It is taking the pawn store idea to a more sensible level and allowing for more flexibility.

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