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If you've been waiting for prices to drop before you buy, DON'T!  Don't get sucked in by the media saying prices will fall further.  A few might.  Many won't! A seller can only go so low.  They owe what they owe and many aren't willing to have the credit devistation of short-selling.  Most have dropped as much as they or as much as they will. Remember, if they live in the house anyways, the'd have to live somewhere, so as long as they can make the payments, they'll wait for their price.

As a full-time realtor and member of a very active team, I can tell you business is picking.  Our phones are ringing! Homes are selling!  Once the bargains are bought there won't be any left.  Once word gets out that it's picking up, fewer and fewer sellers will be willing to drop prices so low.  Don't wait until it's too late, like the people who bought too late in the boom and now sorry the waited.  Don't make the same mistake in reverse.  Prices are low NOW.  Great deals are out there NOW!  Take advantage of it NOW!  If you need help finding a property, please call me!  It would be my pleasure to help you pick the perfect property.  I assure you, I'll get you moving!

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