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Has anyone used one of the many short sales centers to negotiate a short sale with the bank on your behalf? if so I would love to hear some feedback if anyone has used one particular. I find that Short Sales and REO"S are going to be a BIG part of our business during these changing times and I wanted to hear first hand how it has worked out for anyone.

 Happy Selling

David Ott

Palm Springs,CA

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Nicole Cline

Hi David,

I have used the National Short Sale center and have had a great experience with them. They completely handle the negotiations and made it an easier process for the home owner and me as the Realtor. I have handed them many shortsale listings that I have received and they have been able to get about 80% through which has been great considering that I have been able to get 0% through on my own.

 Good Luck!

Nicole Cline


Feb 21, 2008 03:56 AM
Holly Galligan
Coldwell Banker Sky Ridge Realty - Lake Arrowhead, CA


Thank you for posting this question, I enjoyed Nicole's response. I have represeted a buyer in a short sale and it did close, but was difficult. I currently am trying to sell a condo via short sale and may look into the National Short Sale Center Nicole referenced. Let me know how it goes for you and I'll do the same, good luck!

Holly Galligan ~ Lake Arrowhead, CA

Mar 01, 2008 09:34 AM

I am a real estate broker.  I just used the National Short Sale Center on my listing.  They made the transaction MISERABLE.  They took months to get an answer.  I was told that the big advantage of using the Short Sale Center is that they are able to communicate with banks better to facilitate quicker answers.  I found this to be the opposite.  I got faster results on a short sale without them than I did with them.

They did not answer the phone.  They many times would not even resond to messages or emails.  I had to go to the guy's supervisor several times just to get a response.

I would recommend that you keep your commission, do it yourself, and DO NOT USE THE NATIONAL SHORT SALE CENTER.

Good luck!

May 16, 2008 11:02 AM
National Short Sale Center

Thanks for all the postive feedback, we work very hard at what we do. 

Unfortunately, there have been some fake postings such as the gentleman (a suppossed Matt above).  We show no transactions with him.  We have attempted to contact him to no response.  Unless he wants to come forward and identify himself and the transaction please ignore his response.

Aug 25, 2008 08:11 AM

I just completed a shortsale on my primary residence North of Boston.

National Short Sale did a horrible job. It took 10 months to complete and i was left owing $63000.00.

I had to pay them $995.00 to join. They got another $1495.00 at closing. I had to pay $4000.00 at

closing to prvent the forclosure. The second equity company is now calling me every other day on the

$63,000. The President of the company kept promising me results but never followed thru. I had 5

negotiators handling my account at National Short Sale. There was no continuity.  I could not be

more dissatisfied.

Oct 03, 2008 12:52 AM

I am a buyer in Scottsdale who is well qualified. The National Short Sale Center has forms and a process that they want me to agree to that is not conducive for me to consumate a quick transaction.  The seller's realtor has stated they will not present my offer unless these forms are signed. 

We are likely submitting an offer on another house today just to avoid the hassell.  In today's world as a seller I would not want to pass up any offer.

Oct 19, 2008 04:04 AM
Jeff Payne
The Payne Group at Keller Williams Success Realty - Panama City, FL
Panama City Real Estate

David, you should make this a members only post so that those that don't want to tell us who they are are not able to post.

I have two listings that NSSC is going to negotiate and will report my findings back.

Jan 09, 2009 12:19 AM

I am currently going through a short sale purchase from the buyer's end and this has been a nightmare.  The NSSC allowed the seller's agent to list the property at an approved price and after 3 months of patiently waiting came back w/an appraisal that I'm not allowed to view as a buyer.  To add insult to injury, they asked to add an addendum to increase the listing price buy $14,000 and expected me to agree so the sale can move forward quickly.

Both my agent and the seller's agent have been extremely frustrated w/the NSSC.


Washington, DC

Apr 15, 2009 09:21 AM
Ann Allison, Metro Brokers/GMAC Real Estate

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Becky Higgs with National Quick Sale.  Becky and her company exceeded my expectations.  They were a valuable intermediary between me, my seller, the buyer and the selling agent.  She kept us up to date, daily, answered her phone promptly and showed genuine concern for all parties concerned in the transaction.  It is unfortunate that some have had a negative experience but do know that there are some exceptional people working in this industry.  If anyone needs professional guidance with unsurpassed results, be sure to contact National Quick Sale and ask for Becky!

Ann Allison

Metro Brokers/GMAC

Jul 28, 2009 08:40 AM
Mike Linkenauger
LinkUp Realty - Jacksonville, FL
Short Sale Realtor - Jacksonville FL


We heard about it today when somebody called us who recieved something in the mail from them, and then confirmed it when we called them.  The Short Sale Specialist Network is an excellent resource to find a short sale expert, there is NEVER any cost involved to the home owner.


You would think the National Short Sale Center would be able to make a business, considering it is short sale galore out there right now!

Nov 16, 2009 06:19 AM