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It’s true that Spring is nigh and most people feel lighter both in heart and step. A few sniffs of un-wintery air makes us euphoric – imaginations can fly with inspiration! 

I’ve been given an invaluable “how-to” clue about surpassing a roadblock that seemed too dense to dissect and evaluate. Some children show great tenacity in working at a puzzle to solve it, while others may fling it across the floor or otherwise set it aside because “it’s too hard!”. Likewise, not all adults have the inclination to work their way through a puzzling problem or resolve an issue which might be impeding a forward movement. 

I recently attended a presentation by keynote speaker Bob Gray ( which was both entertaining and an eye-opener!

One of his methods of improving one’s memory is to associate someone’s name with something totally irregular or totally disconnected. In other words, “outside the box” thinking. 

While I have been blessed with an excellent memory, where others falter, I finally was able to understand creative thinking, which others blithely refer to as “outside the box”. 

Whether in consideration of personal challenges, business evolution or developing relationships through career networking, learning to think outside the box is the “stuff of dreams”.

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